How to Oil Cleanse for Perfect Skin


Oil cleansing is the ultimate skincare routine for healthy, radiant skin. How’s your skin? Oily, dry, sensitive, combo, rashes, … it doesn’t matter, your skin is going to love it!

It’s perfect for every skin type! Are you skeptical? I was too. But now you can’t convince me to give it up!  

What is Oil Cleansing?

Oil cleansing is just like it sounds, it's using oil to cleanse your skin. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s fantastic at balancing out skin issues (even better than your regular cleanser and toner!).

So here’s how it works: oil dissolves oil.

Oil cleansers are oil (obviously). But did you know that all that junk on your skin is oil based too? (Makeup is oil based, excess sebum that your skin produced during the day is oil based, and air pollution like car exhaust is all oil based). So by the end of the day your skin is loaded will all sorts of nasty oils that you really want to get rid of before going to bed. As the oil dissolves the oil, it gets all the grim off your skin with an easy wipe.


Why would I want to oil cleanse?

Oil cleansing is both gentle and restorative. Skin issues happen when our skin (or sometimes the gut) is unbalanced. Oil cleansing rebalances the skin’s natural oil production. Oily skin becomes less oily. And dry skin is nourished to be less dry.

Once you get the routine down it’s actually really quick and easy. It also eliminates the need to tone afterwards (because it doesn’t change pH levels). AND, depending on your skin type, you might not even need to moisturize afterwards!!! How awesome is that?

Is Oil Cleansing good for Oily Skin?

Myth: oil cleansing will make your skin oily

People with oily skin are often afraid that oil cleansing will make their skin oilier… but the secret is that it helps skin recover and produce the correct amount of oil! Unlike regular cleansers that remove both the skins excess bad oils AND the good oils, oil cleansing doesn’t strip your skin bare.

Hate to break it to you, but that “squeaky clean” feeling isn’t actually a good thing. Squeaky clean skin is when its been stripped bare of everything good. Then skin over-produces oil to compensate. This a viscous cycle of oilier and oilier skin. (So that’s why your skin is so oily!).

Will Oil Cleansing Help My Dry Skin?

Yes! Oil cleansing is also fantastic for dry skin, and it’s so soothing (unlike regular cleanser which can be so drying it’s uncomfortable! And all the dry skin people nod their head here).

I have incredibly dry skin, and since trying oil cleansing, its become my thing. Since then, the few times I’ve testing out regular cleansers I’ve been disappointed - and my skin feels so tights! So now, I reach for my oil every night (and simple use water in the morning).


How to Oil Cleanse:

I oil cleanse every evening.

Sometimes I only leave the oil on for a quick minute, but when it’s a self-care evening, I massage that oil on and leave it for a good hour or so as a special treat for my skin.

Let’s do this!

  1. Massage the oil cleanser into your skin (no need to remove makeup first, the oil cleanser will dissolve it away!!).

  2. Allow it to sit on your skin for a couple minutes (brush your teeth or relax).

  3. Gently wipe the oil cleanser away with a warm facecloth.

  4. Gentle pat your face dry.

And depending on your skin type, you might not even need a moisturizer!

Oily skin? Stop here, no need to moisturize. Dry skin? You might want to use an serum or night cream to add extra hydration.

Your face is now ready for bed!


My Nightly Routine

So here’s what I do: oil cleansing every night, removing all the makeup and grime from the day (air pollution, sweat, makeup, etc.). I gently wipe the oil away with a warm facecloth. I pat my face dry, apply my favourite eye cream, and rub in a few drops of my favourite night serum.

My Morning Routine

In the morning I wash with water, tone, and then apply my favourite moisturizer.

Twice a week I exfoliate.

This routine is so simple and it’s balances my skin, restoring the proper sebum production.

It’s that easy!  And it’s not just for the face (try it on cracked heels, dry elbows, or excema).


Myth: use any kind of oil in your kitchen

You can buy an oil cleanser, or you can make your own. What I’ll say though is that I don’t have a good DIY recipe though because I love the oil cleansers out there in the market. I’ve tried making my own, but they always fall short of what I’ve experienced from my fave brands (even if I use the same ingredients!).

When making your own oil cleaner here’s something to consider: in recent years, you may have heard of just using coconut oil, but don’t do it! Using straight up coconut oil on your face may work for your friend, but it’s not suitable for most skin types. This is because coconut oil is too large a molecule and it will clog your pores. It can cause acne and dryness at the same time (trust me on it that this is a terrible combo! I tried coconut oil several times and it was not fun). It’s far better to use an oil cleanser that’s been specifically formulated for the skin. So please allow me to share a few of the best

My Personal Favorite Oil Cleansing Brands

1. Cleansing Balm by Beautycounter

* This stuff really is the balm!

This multi-tasking Cleansing Balm is brimming with uses and benefits. It's a nourishing daily cleanser, a melting makeup-removing balm, and a deeply replenishing overnight mask. It also hydrates with nutrient-rich raspberry and cranberry seed oils, and promotes a brighter complexion with radiance-boosting vitamin C. And I love the soft 100% muslin cloth that’s included!


2. Lavender & Lime Cleanser by Helena Lane

* It smells and feels amazing!!

This refreshing cleanser helps to unblock pores, regulate sebum production, and soften and smooth the skin. Made from 100% certified organic ingredients. The main ingredients is jojoba (which is my all-time favourite oil cleansing oil). Eucalyptus, lavender, and lime essential oils smell amazing and decongest the skin. And it even dissolves waterproof makeup.

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Final Thoughts

Be aware that it’s normal for your skin to take a few weeks to adjust. You might even see more breakouts or feel oily for a period of time as impurities leave the skin. This is expected, normal, and is a good sign!

No matter what type of skin you have, oil cleansing will make it feel and look great! It actually does work, it’s easy to use, restores proper sebum levels, removes makeup, and it just feels so good.

Have you tried oil cleansing? What did you think of it? Share below