Why a Nutrition Career?

I was recently asked: "What is your why?" Off the top of my head I could say because I love nutrition. I want to work in a field where I like what I’m doing. But then, couldn’t I just get a job at a health food store or work on a farm? 

She probed further, "Why do you bother? Why are you spending your time setting up this business? You could be doing other things or a different job."

I took this question home to ponder: why am I even offering nutritional coaching?  

Because people need to be empowered by the truth about nutrition.

They need to hear the message that if their body is balanced by nature, it can and will return to its original design.  It’s in everyone’s reach to experience a healthy body – with their perfect weight, clear skin, and vibrant energy. Any other method is either only temporary or causes side effects that show up later.  

It makes me sad that so many buy into the trick that a diet program will help them lose weight. It’s true that they lose weight, but 2 years later, they’ve gained it back. That’s not ideal and I can guarantee you it’s not what they wanted. 

Did you know that before I stepped into the world of holistic nutrition that my hubby and I dropped over $6000 at a weight loss clinic in town? Did it work? Temporarily, until I developed allergies to their products. And what about all the weight we lost? It came right back.

It makes me sick that I spent that kind of money for … sickness and returned weight. And I’m not the only one who’s fallen for it. That’s why I need to get a message out that there is a different way!
Do you know how you can achieve balanced health? It’s easy and it sure doesn’t need to cost $6000. It will require sacrifices, but isn’t your long-term health worth it?

My business is to empower you to achieve your desired body by balancing your health, naturally. 

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