Simple Banana Icecream

What an amazing moment when you realize that ice-cream can be made from Bananas instead of cream. Ok, so if its not made form cream it can't really be "ice-cream", cant it? I guess, but its so similar that its a great substitute.


I cannot eat dairy, and sometimes I miss those fun foods like ice-cream. I've tried other substitutes, like store bought "coconut icecream", but it was still super sugary, and I didn't love the taste of it. I've had a small tub of the coconut ice-cream sitting in my freezer since summer, there just isn't any love for it. 

Then, I noticed the Yonanas Maker in stores advertising "Looks and tastes like soft serve icecream! Make delicious, creamy, low cost, healthy frozen treats in just minutes." I showed it to Justin and he wanted to buy the the machine. I did a little research and found out my Vitmaix can also make amazing banana ice-cream too, so it got added to my to do list.

This weekend I was lucky enough to find a few bags of brown bananas for super cheap clearance prices. I grabbed as many bags as I could and marched to the till. They cost me about a whole $3.00 for my two grocery bags of bananas. :)

Justin and I had fun making this ice-cream. Ill admit, it has a strong banana taste, (surprise!), but the texture is just like soft serve icecream. I'd recommend flavoring the icecream, like with peanut butter or strawberries. It would be so tasty! Check out the Yonanas website for more flavor combinations:

I can't wait to try this Carmel Apply Yonanas recipe: