Holistic Nutrition + Healthy Skin Coaching

Fresh from school!!

Hello! Please welcome me back to reality. Having taken the last two years to travel the world and soak in knowledge from various cultures and college, its time that I re-enter the real world and start making a difference.

Most recently, I was living in Vancouver, BC, where I completed my Diploma in Applied Nutrition. I hungrily absorbed in all the knowledge that I could from my teachers, text books, and co-op placements. It was such a delights to learn about nutrition and the body. 

Interestingly, I realised how intertwined our skin is with our health. The skin is a reflection of whats going on inside of our body (many blog posts to come in that topic!). My interest in skin and natural beauty grew at the same pace as my hunger to learn about nutrition.  

My background is in hairstyling, cosmetics, skincare, barista, prep cook. and banking. Those were my PRE-HOLISTIC HEALTH days. Ive turned a new leaf.  I now LIVE and BREATH holistic everything. Im guilty of asking, "Is it organic". Thank you family for your love as I annoy. Maybe one day you'll share my passion for chemicaly-free food and products. Now I'm an passionate Essential Oil user, Skin Guru, and Holistic Nutritionist! 

In a few weeks I walk across the stage, earning my designated as a CNP (Certified Holistic Nutritionist).  

I'm currently living out a suitcase as I anticipate my move this Monday to Vernon, BC, Canada. Oh, the beautiful Okanagan! There is nothing like ripe Okanagan Fruit in summer and fall. 

As a getting started special, you have the opportunity to book me for Introductory Coaching Packages at 20% off!!! Who loves sales?!

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I've got two packages, which one suits your needs better? 

1. Do you love your SKIN?, or could it use some TLC? Would you like to balance it and have a healthy glow? I can help you with that during a Healthy Skin Coaching Session. You can't beat learning how to care for you unique skin. And, did you notice that it also includes a facial! Don't miss the chance to have the tension massaged away as you relax in the aroma of essential oils.  
2. Or, are your health concerns bigger and deeper? Would you like to take control of your weight, manage the Inflammation in your body, or the discomfort in your gut? Those topics are my other specialties. Allow me take care of you as we discover what your body is trying to communicate to you. The 90-day Nutrition Coaching Packages is the full deal with everything you need to reclaim your health. After the initial consultation and protocol you'll have all the tools you need, including a meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, and recommendations for the supplements you need and lifestyle considerations. Its time to take control of your health. 

Would you benefit from my services, especially while my school knowledge is fresh in my mind? 

I can only take on 2-4 new clients a month, so book now while the prices are hot!