Guest Post on Travel Fashion Girl


I love to travel.

I've been all over this beautiful world in the last 2 years and I have a big secret to share! I love MERINO WOOL clothing. Have you tried it? You can wear the same article of clothing for days without smelling = a smaller suitcase. 

Travel Fashion Girl is the number one blog for female travelers, and I was recently featured on the website! View the article here.

Every year, and now monthly, she offers prizes. I won her Amazon gift card 2 years ago while I was travelling in Asia and it came in super handy to buy myself a few Merino wool essentials. 

I used to be the over packer to the extreme, but she helped change my life in this department. Her "Capsule Wardrobe" kept me in line. You'll want this Classic Capsule for your next trip.

Happy traveling.

xo xo