Cancer is not a Disease


What if cancer wasn’t a disease? Let’s imagine that it was instead our body’s commutation tool, in which symptoms were like a message typed on paper. Would you listen?

Imagine the freedom and gratitude we would have instead of fear.

This article is to challenge our current thought patterns when we hear this terrifying six letter word. It’s not to downplay the seriousness of cancer, actually, it’s to heighten our awareness. Cancer is a serious topic that is effecting too many people.

This article is rather long, but its dear to my heart and I feel the need to share.

The reality we face
This summer, it seems that almost every week I learn of another friend who has developed cancer. For a long time now I’ve kept my thoughts to myself, why? Because they are controversial and I’m worried that you, my friends, will judge me for my strange beliefs.

But I don’t want you to struggle anymore, wondering why you’ve developed an illness. I want to change your paradigm about “disease”.

If you’re one of my friends that’s told me you’ve got cancer I’m keeping you in my prayers and I hope you’re holding together strong during your treatment.

A question you might be asking is "why?” Why me? Why cancer?

I'm not sure what your Doctor has reviewed with you, so here’s a quick overview: cancer is when a cell malfunction. Somewhere along the line a gene in our DNA was mutated. Mutated genes naturally die, it’s a process called apoptosis (from the Greek word that means “falling off” as in leaves falling off a tree). But if the gene for apoptosis gets mutated as well, the cell will be unable to naturally die. The cell replicates, without ever fully maturing, and this collection of mutated cells grows into cancer.

This article is to share with you what I tell my clients: cancer is not a disease.

You might think I’m crazy at this point, but please read this through.

“Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open.” - Thomas Dewar

Upstream problem
When we get a headache is it just happening for no reason? Is there no underlying physiological cause? No, of course not, everything is cause and symptom. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something needs to be corrected. Pain isn’t just there to annoy us or get in the way of our daily life.

With that in mind, hitting the mute button with drugs isn’t the proper response to our body’s call for help. When we get a headache it’s actually our body speaking to us! It might be asking for some Magnesium, or maybe it’s dehydrated and needs water. Possibly it’s because you haven't gotten enough sleep. Maybe it’s because you're stressed. My headaches are always because I stayed up too late, but I know it’s not because it’s asking for a painkiller.

What is cancer then?
A headache and cancer are the same thing, just on a greater scale. Every “disease” and every symptom that our body manifests is actually communication. Could it be possible that God created our body to talk to us? Every ache, pain, rash, or cancer growth, is a message from our body that it doesn't like something we've done (long ago in the past or in the present).

Emotions, especially those from traumatic events, are stored in our tissues, not in our mind as you might expect. And by trauma I mean physical trauma like an accident, but I also include shocking news such as a friend dying unexpectedly, or a partner that cheats on you. These events are so painful that we push the emotions aside to simply survive. The emotions get buried, where years later they are still alive.

When we develop a "disease" or cancer, could it be that A.) The emotions are mutating the genes? Or B.) That we either consciously or subconsciously started to deal with one of those stored emotions? Would you be curious to find out that each organ is related to a particular emotion or type grief, with a commonality that appears in cancers?

With this knowledge, we can begin recognizing that the develoment of the "disease" is actually the recovery process. In order to recover from what we call "disease" (which is really a message) we must go through the whole process of healing.

Healing will take time. It took a long time to develop the cancer in your body, it didn’t appear overnight. Your DNA has been mutating for a long time before you noticed symptoms, therefore, accept that your healing will also take time. It’s okay to slow down and find true healing.

Fear needs to be replaced with gratitude.
People need to know that cancer isn’t a disease. They need to stop saying “Oh My God! I have Cancer! I might die!”

Instead, we need to say, “Thank you God that my body is working in your miraculous design. My body is working perfectly. For some time now my body has been giving me warning symptoms that I need to change, and I haven’t been listening. Forgive me. Thank you that my body is working perfectly and developed cancer to get my full attention. It’s time that I listen and heal what is wrong.”

If you or a loved one has cancer, you won’t want to accept this message, because it means that we have to take responsibility for our situation. But, if we believe that cancer is actually a message that something in our life needs to change, then it gives us opportunity for gratitude and hope, which leads to healing.

God's ways are above ours, trust that He has a good plan for you. Trusting God and listening to His voice is more powerful than any nutritional suggestions that anyone could ever give you.

Practical Tips for Healing

  • Nourish your body with healthy foods.

  • Drink minimum 2 L of clean water daily to hydrate your body and flush out toxins. I recommend Kangen water.

  • Consume antioxidants (as many as you can!). Affordable options include drinking green tea, rooibos tea, jamaica tea, and un-sprayed berries. Other Powerful options that I recommend are the Ningxia Red drink, Kangen water, and Ukon supplements. This is what we use in my family. There are many other great options for antioxidants as well.

  • Foundational supplements, such as Vit D, Vit C, Omega 3 fatty acids, and others.

  • Anti-inflammatory supplements such as boswellia (frankincense), curcumin (again, check out Ukon), fish oil, and others.

  • Getting roughly 5 hours of exercise weekly and 8 hours minimum of sleep nightly.

  • Stress management. I didn’t really talk much on this one, but this is key. Stress robs your cells of the nutrients and antioxidants you provide it.

  • Rest. Please, please, please give yourself time to rest. Resting is different that sleeping. It’s slowing down from our crazy lives. This is something I’m still learning myself. We try to take on the world and live up to the expectations of others plus expectations for ourselves. It might just be time to shift this thinking to be only concerned with that which is most necessary. I’m referring to Mary, read about her here.

But I ate healthy my whole life!
Maybe you’ve eaten healthy your whole life, never smoked, or drank, but you still developed cancer. Think back and try to remember if you’ve had traumatic events in your life. Is it possible that your cancer is simply raw memories or emotions that are manifesting in your tissue?

Be open to this idea and seek a qualified counsellor. Allow the past to be resolved. Forgive where needed, including forgiving yourself.

I know this sounds crazy, I rejected it when I first heard it too. But then I studied it and I've come to see it the pattern in my friends and families with cancer, and strangely, even including their pets that developed cancer.

To sum this all up: cancer is caused by mutations. A small percentage is genetic, most of it is environment. Environment includes pollutants (smoking, chemicals, etc.), poor diet, lack of exercise and it also includes our emotions and attitudes.

Chew on what I’ve written. I’d love to hear from you. If this article peeked your interest, please reach out to me. I’d love to talk further on the subject, as well as recommend some resources.