What Colour is Your Stevia?


The stevia in my cupboard is green; is yours white? Did you know that unless your stevia is green it likely has added fake sweeteners and been bleached! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make you own.
What is stevia
First off, what is stevia? Stevia is a nice little plant that I grown in my home garden. My experience is that it likes a sunny spot and can grow a couple feet tall! The leaves are incredibly sweet, infact, so sweet that it’s almost bitter if you use too much. Commonly used to replace sugar in recipes, our family adds it to cookies, cakes, and cups of tea (you’ll find it in many of my recipes).
Why stevia
Stevia is amazing! It doesn’t raise your blood sugar. And unlike fake sweeteners, green stevia is literally a ground up plant that you can grow in your own garden.  
I love using natural, unrefined sugars in my baking. White sugar usually isn’t even from sugar cane, its from GMO beets. Refined sugar causes inflammation and messes with your hormones. So, that said, I stick to a few favorite sweet plants: dates, bananas, honey, maple syrup, and stevia.
Beware – not all stevia is created equal
Use caution when purchasing stevia though, because most stevia sold in the grocery store isn’t pure stevia! Flip the package over and read the ingredients label. You’re looking for only one ingredient: S-T-E-V-I-A. (If its mixed with a fake sweeter, like maltodextrin, don’t buy it). Another pointer is that it should be green in colour. White stevia is bleached. Green, unprocessed stevia is harder to find, and a littler costlier, but its better for you.
Try growing your own
As an alternative you can make it yourself! Pick up a few starter plants from you from local plant nursery and pot them at home in an sunny outdoor spot. Let that plant grown all summer long. Chop it off near the ground and hang it to dry in a dark, dry place (like a closet!). Once dry, remove the leaves and grind them into a powder (Watch the video for more tips!). And viola! You have your own green, unprocessed stevia!