Inside Out - What Your Skin Says About Your Gut Health


The story your skin is telling
Do you ever wonder how to get rid of your skin issues and rashes? Skin problems can be such a pain because they are so visible to everyone.
But, did you know that skin in a reflection of what’s going on inside your intestines! If you suffer from acne, dry skin, premature aging of your skin, rashes, eczema, or psoriasis. 

The skin in one of your body’s four elimination routes for toxins. If the gut is compromised, it shows up on the skin.
If your skin is unhealthy, its likely that your intestines are not looking fantastic either. Try these tips for healthy, glowing skin.
Struggling with acne?
As you can likely guess, acne is caused by bacteria. Throughout the day you’re exposed to toxins and germs – such as air pollution from exhaust, dirt on your cell phone screen that you hold next to your face, and sweat.
I’m sure you’ve heard of “gut flora” or “probiotics” – these are the “good bacteria” and the “bad bacteria” in your gut. But did you know that your skin has a flora as well?! Yuppers, there’s also good and bad bacteria on your skin. Acne is caused when bad bacteria take over.
The solution: have a healthy flora both inside and out. Eat fermented foods (like sauerkraut) or kimchi. Take a good probiotic. Avoid anti-biotics, unless really needed. And avoid conventional anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand soaps at all costs, and use natural ones instead. I really like using Young Living’s Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier and their Thieves Foaming Handsoap. Support your gut’s flora for a healthy skin flora to control acne.
Do away with dry and aging skin
I previously struggled with dry skin year round, but now, I’ve found the solution! The cause is dehydration, caused by either too little water or too little essential fatty acids. If you’re skin is lacking these essentials, you can bet that your gut is lacking them as well!! Its easy to add them into your diet.
Solution: Hydrate your skin cells by drink more water to avoid dehydration lines and dry skin. How do you know if your getting enough water? Check the colour of your urine – if its yellow you need to drink more H2O.
The second factor to consider is if you’re getting enough essential fatty acids (EFA’s for short). Fat is good (healthy fat that is). Fat does not make you fat. Fat makes your skin glow instead of flake! So, add more fish, seeds (esp. flax), nuts, olive oil, and other healthy oils. I recommend 1 gram of EPA/DHA (fish oil or omega blend) daily for healthy individuals. If you’ve got severally dry skin or an inflammatory condition, I may recommend up to 4 grams of EPA/DHA daily.
Banish Rashes
Rashes and redness are caused by inflammation. And why is your skin inflamed? Well, it could be because you’re reacting to an environmental toxin (like laundry soap), but it’s just as likely that you’re reacting to something you’re eating! I struggled with skin rashes my entire life (eczema, psoriasis, and misc. skin rashes) until the day I eliminated dairy and gluten.
If you are sensitive to these foods, they’ll cause inflammation in your gut. Once your intestines become clogged, the body tries to eliminate the offending foods through the skin, causing your skin to react in a rash.
Solution: Give up dairy and gluten for a 30-day trial to see how your skin looks… it might surprise you! Replace dairy with almond milk, coconut milk, or hemp milk. Replace glutinous snacks with gluten free options, or opt for a different snack all together. Try a piece of fruit and nuts, veggie sticks and bean dip. Cook rice or black beans pasta instead of the standard white pasta options. 
One more thing to consider
Unrelated to your gut, but just as important, how are you taking care of your skin? I recommend a quality oil cleanser and moisturizer. My favorite cleanser is the Lavender Lime Oil Cleanser from Helena Lane (use code “juanitamiller” to get a 10% discount). If you don’t like oil cleansing, make sure to use a toner after traditional cleansers. And don’t forget to exfoliate! You want to gently (not harshly) take off the top dead layer of skin. Not sure what to use on your skin? Send me a message and we can talk about your unique profile.
The good news its that your cells only take 28-35 days to renew. Healthy skin is only one month away! Follow these simple tips suggested in this article to improve the condition of your intestines and soon your skin will glow.

Juanita Miller, CNP.