Helping women achieve radiant skin through nutrition, faith, and safe product choices.



A world where food and faith is our medicine.  

Founder Bio

Juanita Miller

Holistic Skincare Consultant, Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP.)

Juanita Miller is a Holistic Skincare Consultant with a passion for helping women care for their skin. With simple diet and lifestyle changes, she’s helped many women and families clear up all kinds of skin and health issues. With the addition of her own child, Juanita’s mission expanded to inspire mamas to raise healthy families too. As someone who has personally struggled with health and skin issues, she understands the desire for a simple plan to feel energetic, beautiful, and accepted.

After graduating with First Class Honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, BC, she traveled to Nicaragua to receive further training under Gracious Living Lifestyle to host her own wellness retreats. She also holds certification as a Hairstylist and Cosmetician.

Living in the sunny Okanagan, shes enjoying fresh fruits and veggies from local farmers and brainstorming for her future wellness getaways. Always on the go, find her at the farmers market, gardening, teaching classes, improving recipes, or just giggling with her son.

Juanita is currently working behind the scenes to create an online program to guide women in finding true beauty from within – through nutrition, faith, and healthy products.